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Cornerstone Christian Ranch

278 acres was gifted to the ministry as long as it was used to glorify God. Cornerstone Christian Ranch is located within two miles of Cornerstone Christian Academy.

The Ranch’s primary goal is the same as Wellspring of Life as a whole-


to educate and equip with the Word of God.

We want to develop quality services for those in the agricultural community looking for horse training and professional clinics in animal husbandry. We also want to produce high quality, all-natural meats, fruits, and vegetables. In time, we believe this will not only be a valuable way to share the Gospel but to provide income and food for the school to help off-set ministry costs.

Do Everything with Excellence



The Ranch provides students of Cornerstone Christian Academy to learn about sustainability in agriculture, a much-needed resource in this country. Each grade will learn about and help maintain an aspect of the ranch, such as caring for rabbits, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, or cows. They will also learn how to tend to and maintain a garden or fruit trees. Upper grades will take on larger tasks by learning how to develop business plans or how to teach in a clinic-type setting what they have learned.


into the COMMUNITY

We help meet the felt needs of the surrounding communities dealing with poverty to provide food, supplies, and education to help them develop their own garden or meat supply. We also seek to be a resource to build the local economy by providing much-needed jobs.

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