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June Newsletter

June Newsletter Educating and Equipping with the Word of God


We sincerely could not be more proud of this graduating class. These four young men are the culmination of answered prayers for this community. They embody, by the grace of God, what we hope to see through the labor of this ministry. One of the characteristics of this graduating class is their desire and willingness to be involved in any opportunity the ministry has here from being the first class to participate in ranch activities, to Bible study, service projects, work programs, and health and wellness ministry. They have labored in their studies during a pandemic, a full year of online school, and two major hurricanes. Not to mention their own personal struggles. We have watched them mature into leaders with servant's hearts. Please pray for them that they will continue to follow the plan that God has for them. Pray as they all seek to attend universities that God will use them in mighty ways!

June brought the joy of more weddings for Wellspring of Life. Javier and Katya will join us in serving our community in mid-July. They were married in Tegucigalpa, HN on June 19th. We look forward to the new opportunities in ministry this will bring. Debora and Pavel have been with the ministry for the last two years, teaching at CCA. They married this past Saturday on the ranch. They will begin a new chapter with Wellspring of Life by being our Community Outreach Coordinators. Working with these two couples has been such a joy. It has been one of our deepest prayers and goals to equip Honduran believers to be strong ministry leaders, as well as give our community the ability to see strong Godly marriages. As we move into July, we will have a lot of transitions with these couples moving into new homes and new roles. Javier and Katya will be moving to what has been our home in the village, as our family moves to the ranch, and Debora and Pavel continue to work on their home in the village.

Prayer Requests:

  • July 24th Jessica will hold her first horse-training clinic. This is event will be held in collaboration with a large and prominent agricultural organization called AGUS in San Pedro Sula. Please pray for a good turn-out, as this is an outreach opportunity to present the Gospel. Please pray for her as she prepares.

  • Strength and endurance for completed housing renovations in time for two moves in mid-July.

  • Pray for our teachers who have just completed a very challenging year, that they receive rest and recharge.

  • Pray for our upcoming Sponsorship campaign. As our students will enroll for the 21-22 school year on July 15th, we know that we will have many students in need of sponsors.

  • We have 6 teachers' positions to fill. Please be in prayer for God to send the teachers to fulfill His purpose and the funds for their salaries.

  • Praise! We have met all our governmental requirements to complete our school year!

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as we entering the planning period for the upcoming year for the school, ranch and church.

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