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February Newsletter

"Educating and Equipping with the Word of God"

School News Welcome to Mrs. Ella Gomez Ms. Ella joined us in December as our school Principal (Directora). We cannot even express what an answer to prayer she has been! She knows what it takes to lead a school and at the same time loves the Lord and desires for ministry to come first. Sadly, 70% of children in Honduras are not being educated this year due to the pandemic. Take that number in for a minute, 70%! The future impact on Honduras will be devastating. Thanks to the support through this ministry, your prayers, and financial support, we are not part of that statistic in our area. We had a higher return of students this year than last. We hired 3 new teachers at a time when so many are out of work. Praise God for what He has done. Please be praying for Ms. Ella for strength and wisdom as she leads in this area and for all of our teachers as they struggle with online teaching.

Ranch News It is difficult to relegate one section to "ranch news" as the ranch has developed so much over this last year and, Lord willing, will continue to do so. It really has become the epicenter out of which all the other ministry flows. We truly have been able to see just how important it is through the trials of the pandemic and hurricanes. It was a place of refuge and a supply center during the hurricanes and a place to gather during the Covid restrictions. We are praying in the next couple of months that it will be our home, as we are renovating the house and a portion of the barn for living space. With school online, this is where we now spend the majority of our time it just makes the most sense. One burden we have had is to "educate and equip with the Word of God" to young men and women whose education is so far behind that rejoining into a traditional classroom simply isn't realistic. We feel one way we can meet this burden is to offer a technical school for teenagers who are not at Cornerstone Christian Academy. We will be opening the ranch to these students in April to five young men who will be trained in welding while paying for school by working on the ranch. When you sponsor our work program it allows them to pay for their training as well as supply a much-needed income for them to assist their families. It an amazing opportunity to mentor and disciple those who don't have the opportunity to go to school. We look forward to offering more technical classes, such as Animal Husbandry, Butchery, and so much more. Praise God when He gives us a burden He provides a way to fill it!

Church News Again, due to the pandemic, many churches have not been able to meet for nearly a year in person due to government restrictions. We are now able to begin the process of planting a church at the ranch. We started this past Sunday with our first Spanish-speaking service with the assistance of another ministry that is training seminary students to be pastors. They are a few hours away so we will be able to have services twice a month. We are so excited to see the Lord work in this way. We had two of our ranch workers commit their lives to Christ recently and it means so much to them to have this time to worship and grow in the Word. Those of you who follow the ministry know that we have an amazing church building that needs to be renovated in order to be used. We have removed all the debris from the building and now need to furnish it with windows, seal the roof, paint, and put in bathrooms. Please continue to pray for this little church to be effective in a mighty way We are working on some new ways to stay connected since many are moving away from social media platforms. We want to make sure to keep our ministry partners updated and stay connected to you, so one way is through a monthly newsletter vs. a quarterly newsletter. Also, we love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out anytime at

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