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March update

March Newsletter "Educating and Equipping with the Word of God" Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Wellspring of Life Missions in Honduras. Newsletters will be posted monthly to

These pictures have been taken a little less than 2 years apart. It's unbelievable the change that we have witnessed in that amount of time, despite a pandemic, 2 major hurricanes, and a whole lot of other challenges too numerous to list here, this ranch is coming back to life. A more appropriate name would be Ressurection

Ranch because everything that God has provided has been worn out, worn down and restored by the One who brings life, including us. There are no filters on either of these pictures, that is truly then and now. The evidence is clear that God has a plan for this place and this ministry much bigger than we ever planned. It has been 32 years since there has been a worship service in this church. This entire area 2 years ago was covered with thorn trees 12 feet high, each full of red ants. This past Sunday we welcomed approximately 50 people to church and look forward to celebrating God's resurrection power again this Sunday. Our dear friends Francisco and Rose who provided this land were present to see the fulfillment of years of prayers. Francisco shared his testimony of how he and his son had planned many years ago to develop the land with a thousand or more homes with the hope of it making them a lot of money. But God had other plans and the land sat dormant and dying for many, many years. When Francisco came to the realization that this was God's land, he had just been a caretaker, he gave it all over to Him. Through a mutual friend here in Honduras we met with Bryan, Franscisco's son, having no idea that they owned any land or would have any interest in donating this land, we gave our testimony of how God brought us to Honduras and through that time God laid it on his heart that we were to be the next caretakers of this ranch. It is through these acts of obedience God is doing His work here. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Your prayers and support carry us and we have a long way to go.

Meet Debora and Pavel One of our goals in ministry is to prepare the next generation of leaders and equipping Hondurans for the roles that in the past have been dependant on North Americans. In so doing we have been working closely with Debora and Pavel who have become an integral part of this ministry over the last two years. They are willing and available to do whatever needs to be done. Both are native to the San Pedro Sula area and have a heart for the community of El Doradito and this ministry. Currently, they have both been helping teach classes at CCA as well as translate for us. During the worst of the hurricanes, they were on the frontlines cleaning houses, passing out supplies, and literally risked their lives to help others in rising floodwaters. We are very excited to celebrate their marriage on June 26th at the ranch church. As they transition into married life this summer they will also be changing roles to bring in some other avenues to disciple and share the Gospel in this community. They will be developing and leading afternoon sports programs as well as outdoor education activities. We really look forward to seeing them take on roles that they have such a passion for. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for their new roles in marriage and ministry. Debora and Pavel will also need sponsors as they transition out of their teachers' positions and into full-time ministry roles.

A great big thank you to Families on Mission out of Knoxville, TN for putting together this amazing team to labor alongside us. They were our first team of the year as traveling has become so much more difficult. They overcame the challenges and blessed us and the community so much. They worked with our 10th and 11th-grade students to begin the process restoring the church, which brought it far enough along to have our first service while they were here. They also brought much-needed tools and supplies, participated in ranch Bible-study and Friday chapel for the students. They have continued to build relationships as several of them have been here multiple times and plan on returning later this year. They are such a source of encouragement and wisdom. If you are interested in seeing if a short-term mission trip is right for you or your group, please email us at

Current Needs and Prayer Requests Praise! Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to put windows in the church. Our current need is funding for electrical, roofing supplies to repair the roof and put new roofing over bathrooms. Plumbing for bathrooms as well as sinks. Concrete for sidewalk repairs. And more chairs, we currently have 50 but anticipate we will soon need more! We have a very important need for those willing to help pay the legal fees that help to keep our school running in legal manner according to government mandates. We are under constant pressure to cut corners to get our paperwork pushed through even by the government. Pray that we will always stand in integrity no matter what the cost. It is much more time-consuming and costly to do things the right way but we trust that God is big enough to provide when we stand true to our witness. Praise! We are so thankful for the new partners that joined us this month to step in the gap and sponsor students in need. Please be in prayer for the Technical program that starts the first week in April. May the lives of those young men be impacted for Christ! We see the power of prayer everyday thank you our prayer warriors who intercede on our behalf!

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